boy, meet world.

This will most likely be the last post I ever do on this silly little blog. I started it two years ago with a stupid play on words of a vague TV show reference that only late 90’s kids would understand… and that’s the way I’d like the finish it.

I have less than two weeks until I start college–I’m hittin’ up the University of Dayton by the way, #FlyerTilIDyer–and I’m a whole mix of emotions.

For starters I’m extremely excited to be living on my own and meeting so many new people and experiencing so many new opportunities. In the worlds of the great Bo Burnham, “If life is a birth canal then I am a freshly jellied kid, come witness my crowning.” That is how I feel, minus all the grotesque details. I feel like everything up until this point, whether it be sports, or school, or love life, has prepared me for this first step into the adult world.

And I think that I am adequately prepared to make that first step. But the worst part of a goodbye is no closer. So this post is going to (hopefully) give me, and maybe the other two people who read this some closure.

When I came into high school, I was told that it was a time to learn more about myself, a time to figure out what my interests are and how I could set myself up for success in the future by starting a platform for a career based on that interest. I knew three things walking into that first day of my freshman year:

1. Math came easy to me–check my record, I wrecked it on my SAT.
2. I didn’t think I would ever live up to any potential.
3. I was incredibly insecure.

Those three things were what I tried to make my identity. I toke the hardest math class I could, sat back in every other class and cruised, and tried to drown my insecurities by trying to convince other people that I was actually cool.

This lead to three new discoveries in my high school life:

1. What is comfortable will get you nowhere
2. Potential is a bad thing, doing is good.
3. Forgetting insecurity will make you happy.

Now, that is far too deep for a blog called “Bad Luck Charlie.”

What I wanted to do with this blog was open up my thoughts to be able to be read by other people. I wanted my words to hopefully make a difference in someone’s life, while also trying to make sense out of my own.

I made this as an outlet to get my opinions out. So here are some things that I want to share to the limited audience.

I found myself in my senior year. I wasn’t always the happiest kid, and I used things like parties and short flings to try to fool others that I was happy all the time. And maybe I got too caught up in trying to get others to see me as happy to actually be happy. And that led to many mistakes.

I’ve done a lot of stuff, said a lot of stuff, that I wish I never did. And hopefully one day I can look back and laugh.

Before this past year of my life, I would rather shut people out then let them in. I lied and found solace in those lies.

That all changed when I got to know a few people a lot better. One was my head football coach and my main mentor. He showed me that I had the power to be a leader and could direct a brotherhood to a successful campaign. Another was my girlfriend. She showed me that there were parts of me worth loving when I couldn’t see any. Another was my English teacher. He taught me that my voice was worth hearing.

All these people played a massive role in making me the person I am today. They are the ones that have given me the confidence to post something like this for all the world to see. I have a special place in my heart for all of them.

I don’t know what I was trying to achieve when I set out to write this. I guess it can be a thank you to those three people.

Kurry, thank you for believing in me and holding me to the highest standard possible. You made my failures part of my growth and supported me during both the highs and the lows of our season. My admiration for you can’t be described.

Courtney, thank you for being there for me, always. You’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to see what you will make of the world. I never thought that I would meet someone who would affect my life the way you did so soon. I hope that one day everyone will be able to feel the way you made me feel.

Luke, thank you for opening my mind to new ideas. Because of you, I see myself as a better man because of the way you taught me to always look at others perspectives before making a generalization. The world needs more people like you in it.

And if you have gotten this far. If you have laughed at any of my stupid, boyish jokes. If you have learned or thought something knew because of this blog, thank you too. From the bottom of my heart, this is my favorite thing to do. To be able to post things to the world and have people read and enjoy them is mind-blowing to me.

So, thank you, to everyone for giving me an outlet to rant and share. It was therapeutic to me and helped me find who I really want to be. I hope that one day I will make you all proud of what I do.

Zack, out.


my spring break *beep* observations *beep

I’m a huge fan of the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz which is on ESPN. It’s a sports talk show but they all hate talking about sports and would much rather talk about movies, music, or anything else.

They even have a segment called “Movies, Baseball, or Canada” where they have sports analyist Adnan Virk come on and he only answers questions about movies, baseball, or Canada.

One of the most popular segments is Stugotz Weekend Observations.

They happen every Monday and he wrap up the last week in sports and pop-culture in a unique way. The way he does it is between every few words he pauses and a beep is played, giving it an almost Shakespearean meter.

Here’s an example.

So for Spring Break, I decided to do the same thing but with my own Mariemont High School twist!!

I wasn’t sure how this was gonna go so I took Ryan Fields’ advice: When in doubt, confidence it out.

That isn’t the photo I chose but I had to get around WordPress making me upgrade to Premium to post sound…

I guess that’s my FaceBook profile picture? I thought I changed it for college ya know?

Because I guess in college FaceBook is used a lot and no one at Mariemont uses it unless it’s for dresses. I was trying to spruce it up a little but I guess that didn’t work…

Welp, til next time. Maybe I’ll report with a college decision because my FaceBook can’t keep up.

Is it FaceBook or Facebook?

My will is gone

I haven’t been to school on time for two weeks.

I’ve done the math and my average day over the last two weeks is comprised of 3.666 (repeating, of course) study halls and 3.333 actual classes.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself this post is going to be a great one, you’re wrong.

I’ve given up.

I blame everyone except myself.

I blame the administration for failing to educate me. When my day persists of substitute after substitute, study hall after study hall, there is no reason for me to be here. The next time someone in the front office asks me why I’m late I’m going to respond that I have no reason to be here. When I have five study halls a day, coming to school is a waste of my, and your time.

And just to clear stuff up, I am enrolled in two study halls. I’ll admit it, probably only needed one. But this is my senior year and  I want to have some relaxation time, it’s understandable.

The difference is that those are scheduled study halls. I am supposed to have five scheduled classes every day. For two weeks now that has not been the case.

So here’s my question: What is my motivation to come to school when all I do is sit around?

Here’s another thinker: Should the administration have the power to take away my privileges (i.e. senior lunch, exemption from exams) when they haven’t done their job of giving me a quality education?

I am here to learn. I am not here to sit around all day and slip in and out of consciousness through “quiet study hall” after “quiet study hall”.

Also, Senora, if you are going to yell at me in your study hall, please get my name right. I’ve expected for you to learn it, given you had me in a small class for two years. Yet, you have baffled me. My name is not Brady Holliday, my name is not Zack Charles, my name is not Jarlie Back (as you called me yesterday).

That story needs some context. So, Wiseman is out, so we went to study hall. Senora didn’t have an attendance sheet, so she was calling out our names while someone else was telling her the names. First, she yelled at me, Charles, and Gunnar while calling us all Brady Holliday. Then during the roll call, when whoever was on the phone read “Charlie Zack”, she was stumped. She put together what she thought was a name and came out with “Jarlie Back?”

And I knew it was me so I signaled I was here. And this is the best part. She thought I was making a ruckus. She didn’t realize that I was Jarlie Back. She must have thought that Brady Holliday just wanted to make a scene and she just glared at me then, this time with confidence, exclaimed, “Jarlie Back?!”

I don’t know if I was marked absent or not. And frankly, I couldn’t care less.

This isn’t inner city Chicago. Mariemont, get your shit together.

Or don’t, I’ve given up. If I cared enough, I would copy and paste this into a Yelp review of Mariemont with the title, “Like the Mission Impossible Movies, it Gets Worse and Worse Every Year”.



Why the NBA needs to push back on corporate sponsors

If you’re a visual learner, this post might just be the one for you.

I’m not sure if people like these posts where I learn y’all something, but since I don’t hear any audible disapproval, I take the response as a silent appreciation of my work.


For years now the owners of NBA franchises have been battling between each other on the topic of sponsorships using their branding on jerseys.

Most soccer teams have given into the pressure of sponsorships and that’s why their jerseys look like this:

No, this team is not called “Fly Emirates” this is Real Madrid whose sponsor Emirate Airlines is telling you to “Fly Emirates.”

Instead of like this:

Where the actual team name is on the jersey.

Now, this extreme of a change would not happen over night. It would take years to for something like this to happen. But, that change is closer than we think.

Starting in the 2017 season, teams will start to wear a sponsored patch.

These patches are just 2.5″ by 2.5″ or smaller, which doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. So, maybe you’re thinking, “This doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal,” well let me tell you what: This is that big of a deal.

One thing that I believe is that sports are–for the most part–pure. The action in the game is largely untouched. I believe this even with every game broadcast being interrupted by messages from the sponsor. I believe this even though every FBS college football bowl game is named after the bowl’s sponsor. The goodness of the athletes, to me, can outweigh almost every evil that the old, white owners do for money. Never mind that college athletes are used as cattle for the universities’ gain; the sponsors are making so much money that the universities and the NCAA are more than happy to sell their souls.

Every four minutes in a college basketball game is a media time out.

College sports absolutely kills me. It is slavery. People will say, “They are given a free education! They get to have a dorm room, and a meal plan, and access to the library, and classes!” Yes. Yes they are. The coaches should be given the same. After Dabo Swinney won the National Championship in football, instead of a $100,000 bonus, he should have been given a free education because, as they say, that is invaluable ;).

Back to the topic.

The NBA. Yes.

The NBA is in the midst of a business renaissance. In the last five years, the average worth of an NBA team has increased 3.5 fold (according to Forbes).

The average NBA team is now worth 1.36 BILLION dollars. WITH A B. These 2.5″ by 2.5″ sponsor patches are only giving the franchise between 4-10 million dollars a year for 3 years.

That means that the owners of the 6 teams decided that they would take a 4-10 million dollar check every year instead of having their jersey’s owned by the team. What is 4 million dollars when something you own is worth 1.36 BILLION?

This is just the beginning of an extreme cultural change that puts corporate branding on all entertainment. This won’t be the Little League Baseball that is sponsored by Walter’s Drug Store anymore, this will be the Little League Baseball team that is sponsored by Pfizer.

These companies will slowly creep into the sports industry and suck it dry.

Soon the jerseys might look like this:

Not so fun now huh?

Not only is the pressure of sponsorships creeping onto the jerseys of teams, the NBA has also given into Gatorade. Next year the NBA D-League, stands for “Development League” will be renamed the NBA G-League, or “Gatorade League”.

I have two words for you Gatorade and the last one is “off”. Soon it will be the “NBA sponsored by IBM on ABC.” Well BRB I’ll TTYL B/C I have to puke.

So this is my call to you, Adam Silver (NBA commissioner), don’t give in to the pressure. Be better. You are doing better than you ever have. If you have to do anything to make more money, name the league after LeBron, he’s the only reason for all your success.

If you’ve made it this far, here is a funny video to congratulate you:

it getz hot in this one


Just a heads up for anyone new to this site: when I have nothing to write about, I write about my car. Some would call this a “cop out,” I say “niche.”

My reason for lack of content is that I usually write out of anger. I will see something that makes me mad and I will go into a public protest in response to it. For example, I overheard someone say that they hated Martin Shkreli. BOOM. A thank you Martin Shkreli post. So, take that, person who probably has no idea this blog exists. You’ll think twice next time before bad mouthing a genius.

On a side note, Shkreli got banned from Twitter, free my dude, man.

You wanna know what grinds my gears?

Shoe culture right now.

Maybe it’s because I’m new to the whole thing, but I find it to be a little pretentious. What I’ve seen is that Adidas has become very popular because they make a very small amount of sneakers, people buy them, and people sell them for 5x the price they bought them for.

It’s an easy investment. But for people who are actually looking to buy these shoes, it makes it a very, very expensive endeavor.

Here’s an example.


This shoe is called the Adidas R1 NMD OG. The OG stands for Original Gangster, which is what the kids are saying for “the first.” So these are the first model NMD made, which are the frontrunner shoes in this shoe collecting epidemic.

These shoes sell for $175 at retail price. They were an instant sell out. Quickly, the shoes showed up on websites like Flight Club for upwards of $1,700. Yes. Those shoes. $1,700.

Who knows if Adidas meant to do this, but now they continue to do the trend of making shoes incredibly hard to get buy making them is small batches. But then there’s another issue of putting more shoes in the rotation. Last month, they came out with more R1 NMD OG’s and the resell price dropped from $1700 to $250, making them barely valuable unless the owner actually wants to wear them.

Here’s my take. They are shoes!!! Adidas, make more the shoes so everyone who wants them can wear them. Do you want your shoes to be in a display case for ever? Or do you want people wearing them, growing your brand and making more money at the same time. This publicity makes the demand very high, but when there is no supply, the company makes no money.

That’s my take, wear shoes because they are shoes. If you gave a random person that didn’t know about shoe culture those shoes they’d say “Thank you for these cool, comfortable athletic shoes.”





Hot take:

I mean, Adidas should be ashamed of themselves. You have an untapped market and you WON’T capitalize on it because God knows why? You have always played second fiddle to Nike and if Kasper Rorsted would do his job and make some money for his stockholders, you could take over the sneaker market. But you won’t because Nike has Jordan, and LeBron, and Kobe, and KD, and Kyrie; and you have Derrick Rose.

Kasper Rorsted should be ashamed of himself. Worst CEO in the world.

I need to stop watching so much Dan LeBatard Show.



The champ champ and how the UFC continues to win in professional sports

Here’s something I want to talk about. The UFC. As far as I’m concerned, the UFC is the only professional sports agency that is doing it right. Before I take my Olympic nosedive without checking to see how deep the water is, I would like to say that I have been listening to a lot of sports podcasts. So, if I sound like a rambling idiot, blame the likes of Stugotz, Dan Le Batard, Joe Rogan, and Bill Simmons.

The UFC is the fastest growing professional sport in the world. It was just recently bought for 4.2 billion dollars by WME-IMG, an entertainment agency. And here’s the thing about that, the UFC isn’t like any of the other big four sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB) because the UFC isn’t diluted between 30-32 teams. Each fighter is their own team and they all fight under the team of “UFC” rather than “Bellator MMA” or any other professional fighting league.

That price tag of 4.2 billion doubles the record for a franchise; the Los Anglos Clippers were bought for 2 billion dollars. This is especially incredible given that the UFC was bought in 2001 for just two million dollars.

Yeah, not two hundred million. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. I can try to make that number sound big… but you just can’t do it. Wanna try changing the numbers to deal with inflation? Ok, I’ll do that for you, valued reader. $2,727,152.54. That’s it. That means that people could have chosen between buying a new home, or buying the UFC. Compare that to the 4.2 billion that the UFC sold for in 2016, and you get an average growth rate of 9,625.42% per year. That is what I would call the greatest investment ever.

Now, lets get into why the UFC has had so much success. I believe that the success of an business starts with the president or the CEO. The president of the UFC is Dana White. The best way to describe Dana White is that is be like the real version of Vince McMahon.

For starters, Dana White looks like his workers, his fighters.

Dana White doing some speech I don’t know about.

He is a muscle-bound, loud, angry man who threatens to fight people. When Dana became the president of the UFC, he stopped being Tito Ortiz’ agent. Ortiz and Dana then proceeded to get into many verbal altercations and it added up to Ortiz wearing a shirt that read “Dana is my Bitch.”


Imagine that in any other sport. Imagine Tom Brady accepting the Vince Lombardi trophy from Roger Goodell with a shirt on that says, “Goodell is my Bitch.” Even though that is a fact, Brady would never be able to play in the NFL again.

The difference between Dana and the of the presidents of the Big Four is that Dana doesn’t give off the “corporate” vibe. He looks and acts like his fighters, and is then respected by his fighters. As a fan, you get the vibe that he works for his fighters first and for money second.

Read that in your best Bruce Buffer impression.




The real reason that the UFC has become so popular lately is mostly due to the superstars of the sport. It used to be Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, now it’s Ronda Rousey (not anymore) and the NOTORIOUS CONOR MCGREGGGGGGGOR!

McGregor said, after he won the lightweight championship, that he will now be referred to as the “champ champ” so that is what I will call him.

The champ champ was the first person to be the reigning champion in two separate weight classes at the same time (featherweight and lightweight).

The best way to describe him is a modern Muhammed Ali. He talks more trash than anyone else and backs it all up. He is basically unstoppable in the octagon. He has a record of 21-3, including one of his losses in the middleweight division where he had to put on 35 pounds to meet the 170lb weight requirement.

He fought in 3 main events in 2016 and won two of them. All three of his main events broke the previous record for a UFC pay-per-view. (Why is it called pay-per-view and not pay-to-view?)

Fun fact: The belts are made of 14k gold, not gold plating.


The champ champ is The main reason why the UFC is now so popular. Rousey had her time and the way she inspired young girls to follow their dreams was incredible. But she just isn’t there any more, she can’t fight like she once could.

The champ champ is what the sport needed. He is so polarizing that just the fact that people know he’s fighting makes them tune in. People will watch either hoping he kicks someone’s ass or gets his ass kicked.

What I love about the champ champ is that he makes sport fun. And it is obvious that he is having fun doing it. In a world where the NFL has peaked and players are calling the league they are in the No Fun League, where you can’t even celebrate success, or in the NBA where it the culture is built on Steph Curry and the Warriors because they sell, it is refreshing to see an individual seriously enjoying himself.

I’ll finish this with a quote from Bill Simmons, “All I know is that no one has ever said, ‘hey wanna get high and watch some MLB?’ they only say that with the UFC.”

My main man Martin

Martin Shkreli is one of my favorite people in the world.  And if you’re thinking that this is going to be a whole post about some guy that you know nothing about, you’re right, so strap in.

If you aren’t familiar with Shkreli, in 2015 he was dubbed “the most hated man in America” because he increased the price of a drug that is used by HIV patients called Daraprim from $13 to $750 a pill.  Yeah, that’s an increase of over 5000%.  And that’s really all that people know about the Pharma-Bro.

People are angry that he raised the prices, even Congress called him to a hearing to have a conversation about raising drug prices.  When he went to the hearing, he sat in front of Congress with a smug look on his face and gave the professional version of


And people hate him for this.  He looked like a douchebag, who just purposely wasted the time of Congress.  I mean, seriously, look at that smug smile.

But what most people, including all of Congress, don’t understand is that Shkreli is INCREDIBLY smart.  This is the guy who started out with 100 dollars in his bank account in 2009, according to his interview on The Breakfast Club.  He started and owned the fastest growing drug companies ever where he patented a life saving drug called Thiola.

In short, he knows more about the pharmaceutical industry that anyone who reads this.  This is why he laughs at people who disagree with his decision to raise the price of Daraprim.


Shkreli’s company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought the drug used to treat toxoplasmosis for a huge sum of money knowing that he was going to raise the price of the drug.  He acknowledges that Daraprim is a bad drug, it’s side effects can make the patient feel sicker than they did before taking the drug.

His reasoning for raising the price 5000% is because so few people need the drug.  Also, he bought the 63-year-old drug for 55 million dollars.  If only a couple thousand people in the world need this drug, and it’s being sold for only 13 dollars, he would never have been able to make a profit.

So, you might ask why he raised the price SO much.  His answer is this: 80% of all the people who need Daraprim get it for free.  If someone can’t afford it, he has a system to get them the drug for free, and 80% of the people who need it take advantage of that.  The only people who are really paying for the drug are hospitals and insurance companies, who Martin says he has no problem taking money from.

This is where Bernie Sanders comes in. Sanders wants the government to regulate the price of drugs, not the drug companies, and the funny thing is that Shkreli agrees.  But Sanders went on Twitter to scrutinize Shkreli when he found out that Shkreli donated to his campaign.  Sanders called him the “poster child of greed” and said what he did with Daraprim raised insurance premiums for everyone.  Shkreli responded to this with the only way he knows how, by being condescending as hell.


Wu Tang Clan

Just when this guy couldn’t piss people off more, Shkreli came out of no where and bought the ONLY copy of an album by the Wu Tang Clan.  They worked on the album for 8 years and only printed one copy… which Shkreli bought for 2 million dollars. And the kicker is that he isn’t allowed to sell it for a profit for 88 years, he can release it for free or play it at listening parties — he plays it occasionally for an audience on Parascope, a live-video-feed app.

The evil part of this is that this wasn’t the only time Shkreli did this.  He offered Kanye West 15 million dollars to buy The Life of Pablo and he recently tweeted that if Donald Trump were to win this coming election, he would release unheard albums from Nirvana, the Beatles, and the Wu Tang Clans Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.


So Shkreli is kind of an asshole, but I believe that he comes off as just misunderstood.  He stands up to Big Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer by explaining their flaws.  He shows that Pfizer raises their prices everyday and is only interested on making money, which can be seen with how they don’t do any research in rare illness.  Pfizer also only puts 15% of their profits back into research, Shkreli puts 60%.

Shkreli also gives investment lessons on YouTube for free.

Not to mention he is an advocate for animal rights (he may or may not be trolling).

SOOOOOOOO Shkreli…….. you promised a release of Nirvana, Beatles and Wu Tang if Trump wins… where it at?